Europe Taekwondo cadet championship

Our athletes took part of Europe Taekwondo cadet championship in Hungary, Budapest on October 4-8th. Our athletes had to face opponents superiority.
Ugnė Janušauskaitė failed to defeat opponent from Serbia. Serbian took 5th place of 28.
Povilas Morkūnas failed to defeat athlete from Ukraine. Ukrainian took 2nd place of 32.

Black belt ceremony

Black belt ceremony in Taekwondo club ,,Tajanas” on September 22
Povilas Morkūnas, Justinas Kybartas.
Egzam took place at LTF summer camp in 2017. Egzaminators: Aleksandras Leonavičius (federal president), Žymantas Bražiūnas.

Warsav Cup 2017”

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Taekwondo Club Tajan Summer Camp 2017
We are visiting the summer camp of the Lithuanian Taekwondo Federation, which took place at the Oktava Cottage
Miguičionys 15, Alytus county, 65414. Attended by 15 people from our club. Good food, excellent living conditions,
four coaches shared their experience.Three workouts per day, everyone was satisfied. Four of our club's athletes 
will take part in this competition this fall:Polish Open 2017 G-1 2017 09-16-17. rating competitions will take part 
- Orestas Žiupsnys, Mantas Budrys, Ugnė Janušauskaitė.European Taekwondo Cadet Championship Budapest Hungary 5-5th of 
May, 2017 will participate - Povilas Morkunas, Ugnė Janušauskaitė.European Taekwondo Junior Championship G-2 Cyprus,
Larnaca 2017 11 02-05 Participate - Orestas Žiupsnys, Mantas Budrys.We hope to bring medals.Traditional technical exams
(belts) were held at the summer camp:
Yellow with green
1. Ažuolas Jokubauskas
2. Jarulytė Ūla
3. Rokas Baranauskas
4. Martynas Baranauskas
5. Babachinaitė Radvila
6. Babachin Emil
7. Matas Janušauskas
Trainer: Tadas Janušauskas
Black Belt Exams Passed:
Povilas Morkunas
Justin Kybart