Radviliškis Cup 2019

On February 23 in Radviliškis Cup 2019 our athletes achieved these places:

Ūla Jarulytė 1st place (won 2 fights)
Matas Janušauskas 1st place (won 3 fights)
Augustas Petrilionis 1st place (won 3 fights)
Orestas Chamantauskas 1st place (won 2 fights)
Radvilė Babachinaitė 2nd place (won 1 fight)
Rojus Kazancevas 3rd place
Kajus Palickaitis 5th place
Benas Alksnys 5th place


Ugnė Janušauskaitė in WARSAW CUP 2018 G-1 earned 2nd place. Ugnė defeated opponents from Belorus 15-9 and Ireland 31-16. During final fight Ugnė failed to defeat opponent from Kroatia.
Orestas Žiupsnys during fight against opponent from Poland was injured.


Klaipėda Open 2018

results of Klaipėda Open 2018.12.15 :

Ula Jarulytė 1st place
Povilas Morkūnas 1st place
Radvile Babachinaitė 2nd place
Matas Janušauskas 2nd place
Ugnė Janušauskaitė 2nd place
Justinas Kybartas 2nd place
Dovydas Šlimas 3rd place

Trainer Tadas Janušauskas

Taekwondo club „Tajanas“ egzams


Yellow belt
1.Rojus Kazancevas
Yellow with Green belt
2.Orestas Chamantauskas
Green belt
3. Rokas Baranauskas
4. Martynas Baranauskas
Blue belt
5. Ūla Jarulytė
6. Radvile Babachinaitė

Trainer: Tadas Janušauskas 4 dan