Taekwondo club was formed in the year 2007 in Kaunas, Lithuania. At that time fighters trained in “Jaunimas” school sport hall. Club was founded by Tadas Janusauskas ir Jurijus Janusauskas. During the same year club members participated in Lithuanian championship. Valdas Janusauskas, Dziugas Matusevicius, Paulius Ilminas ir Gabija Janusauskaite were awarded bronze medals.

In 2009, our team was 1st in team in the Lithuanian championship. Kaunas city was represented by two teams: “Tajanas” club and “Kaunas Taaekwondo” club. Our club won more gold medals and also received a cup.

Debut in European championship (Trellerborg, 2009). Florita Gudeikate has defended the club pride.

Europe Cadets championship was organised in Tbilisi, Goergia in 2011. Gabija Janusauskaite was club representative in this tournament.